Digital Marketing Portofolio

Kamar Keluarga

Instagram: Kamar Keluarga

Digitalize Kamar Keluarga through all digital marketing channel, such as social media, SEM, SEO, Paid Ads and e-mail marketing. In addition, Increasing >2500 followers on Instagram in a month.


Campaign #AgenDamai with 400> participants in 2 months. Campaign run through social media, e-mail, and website.

I help obtain the digital media through explosive growth, increasing more than 50% followers on social media, 150% visitor on 5 months, reaching almost 9000 people on paid advertising and increasing open rate in email marketing by almost 70%. In addition, help selling content through much more appealing package.

Contributing through social media, content creating, SEO, email marketing and SEM. In addition, helping to create digital campaign during August – October this year. With responsibility to create content and handle overall campaign.

Instagram: CfDS UGM


Badmintalk is the biggest Badminton’s online media in Indonesia. Reaching out to audiences through 5 channels; instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Website, and Youtube.

Contributing to increased Instagram’s followers more than 100.000 in less than a year. Growth significantly to be the biggest in Indonesia.

Instagram: Badmintalk

Fisipol UGM

Optimizing digital media to engage more audiences by collaborating online-offline campaign through digital media.

Instagram: Fisipol UGM